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Seller Resources

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Why Use a Certified Business Intermediary (CBI)?

Selling your business may be one of the largest decisions, as well as transactions, you make in your life. Set yourself up for a successful sale by working with a Certified Business Intermediary (CBI).

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Misconceptions About Selling a Business

There are so many myths about selling a business. In this video, Adam Petricoff of VR Business Brokers of Charlotte discusses those misconceptions and explains what you can expect from the sales process.

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Why is Seller Financing Important?

Did you know that 50 – 90% of small business transactions involve some level of seller financing? Listen as Adam Petricoff of VR Business Brokers Charlotte explains what seller financing is and why it is so important.

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What Does Due Diligence Mean for Buyers & Sellers?

Explore the meaning of due diligence and what the due diligence process looks like for both business buyers and sellers in this video by VR Business Brokers of Charlotte, NC.

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When to Tell Employees You’re Selling Your Business

When it comes to selling a business, confidentiality is key! Listen as Adam Petricoff of VR Business Brokers Charlotte explains how and when to tell your employees you’re selling your business.

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What Is My Business Worth?

Before you sell your business, it’s critical to determine what the business is worth. Here at VR Business Brokers of Charlotte, we analyze owners’ cash flows, track similar transactions, and review the market to help business owners accurately value their businesses. Find out what your business is worth by watching “What Is My Business Worth?”

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Why Work With a Business Broker?

From confidentiality and business continuity to reaching potential buyers and marketing the business listing, there are countless benefits to working with a business broker to sell a business. Learn more about how a business broker can help you sell a business quickly and more effectively by watching “The Benefits of Working With a Business” with Adam Petricoff.

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9 Steps to Selling Your Business

Are you preparing to sell your business? Follow these nine steps outlined by expert business broker, Adam Petricoff! By following these nine critical steps to selling a business, you’ll minimize stress while maximizing sale price.

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The Importance of Working With Specialists to Sell a Business

When selling a business, the importance of surrounding yourself with a good team cannot be underestimated. To close a deal quickly and maximize the value of the sale, work with a team of specialists that have experience brokering business deals.

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Who Will Buy My Business?

When it comes time to sell, many business owners ask, “Who will buy my business?” Here to answers all of your questions about identifying potential buyers and successfully selling your business for top dollar is Adam Petricoff of VR Business Brokers of Charlotte, NC.