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Surge Kalashnik, busiiness broker at VR Business Brokers Charlotte, NC

Business Broker Surge Kalashnik

Surge Kalashnik is a business broker who specializes in helping clients buy and sell online-based businesses. He brings valuable expertise and passion for supporting his clients as they move through the process of buying or selling a business. Bringing values like integrity, passion, and relationship building to his work, Surge finds personal fulfillment in guiding his clients away from pitfalls and creating a seamless buying and selling experience.

As a first-generation American with Soviet Union roots, Surge learned early on the true meaning of being resilient and the importance of maintaining a strong work ethic. Surge also has an instilled entrepreneurial spirit. His father owned a business in Russia before the family migrated to the US during the demise of the Soviet Union, which became the catalyst for Surge to enroll in college at age 15 and to later establish an e-commerce start-up, where he had a successful exit. However, upon facing the challenges of selling the business independently, it inspired Surge to pursue a career as a Business Broker.

Surge has a strong reputation for going above and beyond and continuously stays updated with the ever-evolving market trends. However, when he is not working, you can often find him creating music in his home studio and fine-tuning innovative business ideas.

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