5 Steps to Selling Your IT Business in Charlotte, NC

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The information technology industry is on its way to being worth $5.2 million globally by the end of 2020. Information technology is increasingly vital as our economies, jobs, and personal lives are becoming more and more digital. Now is the best time to begin selling your IT business in Charlotte, NC, to get the most bang for your buck.

How to Prepare Your IT Business for Sale in Charlotte, North Carolina

Preparation is key when it comes to listing a small business for sale. You must prepare an exit strategy, gather documents, acquire a business valuation, improve operations, and determine whether you will hire a business brokerage firm. Many other steps go into the process, but these five will help put you on the path to a successful transaction.

1. Develop an Exit Strategy

Before you list your business for sale or look for potential buyers, you need to paint a clear picture of how you will leave the company. Consider the following questions when outlining your exit strategy.

  • How soon do you plan on exiting the business? Will you stay on to ensure a smooth transition, or do your plans prevent you from doing so?
  • Will your current employees continue working after you leave? Do you need to draw up paperwork protecting them once the new owner signs on?
  • How will transferring the business to the new owner happen? Will you require help from business advisors?

Having a detailed exit strategy will prepare you for any potential issues that may occur while selling your IT business in Charlotte, NC.

2. Collect Financials

You must have all of your financial paperwork and reports organized and on hand before listing your IT business for sale. Examples of important documents are your cash flow report, balance sheets, and financing agreements. Any potential buyer will want to see how you came up with your asking price, and financial documents are the best way to do so.

3. Get a Fair Market Business Valuation

Business owners tend to overvalue their business resulting in disappointment when negotiations come around. Hiring a professional to valuate your IT business is the best way to get a fair market price that will attract potential buyers and get you the most for your business.

4. Improve Operations

Selling presents a great opportunity to continue nurturing your business’s reputation. Doing so will increase profitability and help your business be as desirable as possible. Potential buyers are more attracted to a successful business with a flourishing presence in its community. This step can sometimes be hard work, but these tips are worth the effort.

  • Create new business partnerships with local organizations that may have clients in need of IT support (e.g., healthcare facilities, construction companies, etc.)
  • Improve the presence of your service business on social media
  • Add on profitable technology services that appeal to a broader customer base
  • Offer free consultations to increase business opportunities for potential customers
  • Implement growth strategies to increase business worth

5. Hire a Business Broker

Once you’ve prepared your business for sale, you should consider hiring a business broker to aid in selling your IT business in Mecklenburg County. Working with a mergers & acquisitions firm will help you focus on your IT business’s day-to-day operations while they work on marketing and qualifying potential buyers. A Charlotte business broker will make the process easy and breezy while having your best interests in mind.

Get the sales process moving by reaching out to VR Business Brokers of Charlotte. With years of experience in the Charlotte area, extensive business listing services, and resources for marketing new listings, our business brokers will find you the right buyer and get you the most for your successful business.

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