Process of selling a Business

business listing details

Understanding the Business

  • Meet with Owner/Review Operations
  • Understand Motivation/Timeline and Expectations
  • Collect Financials
  • Review Seller PowerPoint
  • BOV Presentation
  • Ask about Family Support and Importance of Advisory Team
engaged buyer


  • Document Collection
  • Prepare CBR & Marketing Copy
  • Final Sign off of CBR and SDE Worksheet
  • Identify Marketing Strategy
  • Identify Seller Team: Attorney, Accountant, Financial Advisor
  • Record Video Interview
listing your business for sale on the market

Go to Market

  • Existing Buyer Database, Emails, Social Media, For Sale Websites, Advisors, Newsletters, Other Brokers
  • Broker fields/screen inquiries
  • NDA’s
  • Financial Disclosure Forms
  • Broker/Buyer Prospect Meeting
  • Buyer/Seller Meeting
submitting an offer to purchase a business

offer to purchase

  • LOI or Purchase Agreement
  • Work on Price, Terms and Structure
  • Seller Response- Accept, Reject, Counter
  • Engage Seller Advisory Team
  • Agree to Terms
business transaction contract

Under contract / closing process

  • Weekly Communications Plan
  • Due Diligence Requests from Buyer
  • Financial/Lender Requests
  • Legal – Closing Documentation Preparation
sale of business


  • Final Paperwork Preparation/Review
  • Announcements: Employees, Vendors, Customers
  • Transition: Training, Introductions, Transition Accounts & Relationships