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Thinking of listing a business for sale in or near Charlotte, NC? You undoubtedly have a million questions.

To guide you through the process as you sell as business in Charlotte, NC, download VR Business Brokers of Charlotte’s Download our complimentary eBook, 20-Steps to Selling Your Business.

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As VR Business Brokers of Charlotte, there’s probably nothing we haven’t heard before, from “Is now a good time to sell?” to “What is my business worth?” Having sold hundreds of businesses, we can provide expert advice founded in deep experience. Are you ready to find out what your business is worth in the Charlotte, NC market? Sign-up for a personal, confidential business valuation by contacting us for a confidential meeting.

VR Business Brokers of Charlotte helps you continue to operate your business as normal, while we look for a qualified buyer. A qualified buyer will want to see a thriving and well-operated business if they are making a substantial financial investment.

6 Strategies for Selling a Business in Charlotte, North Carolina

Below are our top six strategies to keep you on track to when selling a business in Charlotte, Florence, Columbia, Hickory, Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Lake Norman, Matthews, Huntersville, or the surrounding areas.

1. Pricing the Business at the Fair Market Value

Although many sellers would like to see their business’s worth based on the time, effort and finances they have spent, you don’t want to go in and place price significantly above fair market value on a business. You must be to able to understand what buyers are looking for so that you can come to a win/win arrangement when you sell a business near you. If the price you’re looking for is significantly higher than what the fair market value is, chances are you will have a difficult time finding a buyer who’s willing to write a check. We back up our recommendations based on data of other similar businesses and what they have sold for to take the business to the market so it will sell, not just sit on the market.

2. Maintain Confidentiality

Any type of disclosure outside of the two parties involved can detonate the deal. It’s critical that all precautions are taken as to not disturb the running of the business operation. Employees can and will run if they feel they’re not working at a stable company. Therefore, make sure all correspondence stays away from the business. An experienced intermediary will maintain constant contact with both you and the buyer to make sure all questions are being answered and no breaches in confidentiality are made.

3. Never Sell Impulsively

It’s normal for a business owner to burn out and decide at the drop of a hat to find a buyer to take over the business immediately. However, do not make a rash decision. An experienced intermediary will sit with you to make sure you plan ahead both carefully and accordingly. An accelerated business sale can result in leaving a lot of money on the table.

4. Anticipate the Buyer’s Requests

A buyer may want an appraisal of the property of the business, the machinery and equipment, inventory, and other assets. Due diligence and investigation takes time on the buyer’s end, so it is important to have your records and data before you sell a business in North Carolina.

5. Focus on the Structure of the Deal

Anyone trying to sell a business in Charlotte, NC will want all cash at closing, but that seldom happens without some sort of seller financing involved. In many business sales, the deal structure is more important than the price; therefore, make sure you are able to understand in advance what needs to be done.

6. Be Flexible on the Terms

You are not going to win every point of contention. It’s important to compromise when you need to, and save your battles for the most important issues in the deal. If you try to win every battle that arises, the buyer may walk away. You don’t want to come off as being inflexible. An experienced broker helps you understand in which areas you should show some willingness to step back and accept the buyer’s point.

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When Is the Right Time to Sell?

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