Ecommerce Logistics Company

  • location: Charlotte, North Carolina
  • listing id: 42520047


  • Down payment: TBD
  • Total assets: N/A
  • Discretionary earnings: N/A
  • ANNUAL REVENUE: $672,394
  • ANNUAL CASH FLOW: $102,922
  • listing price: 175000

Started in mid-2016, the founder and owner saw an opportunity to provide superior service at an affordable price to clients who did not want to handle their own fulfillment and shipping for their online businesses. Additionally, the owner created a one price option with better service vs. the existing industry models for a variety of functions. By consolidating and making this process easier and completely transparent for his clients, the company has experienced consistent growth. The owner has consistently focused on taking care of his clients’ immediate shipping and logistics needs. Today the company has key clients who have placed their trust in the company for shipping and fulfillment, with a few more starting in the 4th quarter. The company serves businesses from inside and outside of the US, with the majority of its shipments going to customers in the US. The company is not restricted from adding new ecommerce clients from anywhere in the world.

The result is a highly focused ecommerce logistics company that is providing unparalleled service and transparent pricing. The company has enjoyed consistent growth over the last few years and currently has a very busy 4th quarter ahead as it is the busiest shipping period of the year.

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