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Are you thinking about selling a business in Hickory, NC? As a leader in industries like manufacturing and textiles in the greater Charlotte, NC area, Hickory finds itself with an industrious workforce and a strong economy.

Hickory’s growing economy isn’t going unnoticed. Many interested buyers are inquiring about business opportunities in Hickory, NC and the surrounding areas; so if you’re been contemplating selling your business, now may be the right time!

How to Sell a Business in Hickory, NC

Preparation is the most essential step in listing your Hickory-based business for sale. Once you have a detailed exit strategy, follow these steps to begin the sales process and set yourself up for a successful transaction.

Conduct a Business Valuation

First, you must value your business. While you can value the business yourself, it’s typically best to have a third-party conduct the valuation. With a third-party’s non-biased valuation of your business, you can more easily defend your asking price.

List Your Business for Sale and Market the Listing

Once you have a valuation of your business and an exit strategy in place, it’s time to list your business for sale and more importantly, market the listing. Getting your listing in front of the right people can be difficult on your own. That is why many business owners in Hickory, NC enlist the help of a brokerage service like VR Business Brokers.

At VR Business Brokers of Charlotte, we have an extensive network of interested buyers looking for opportunities in Hickory and beyond! Let us connect you with a qualified buyer today.

Negotiate and Close a Deal

Once you’ve found a qualified buyer, it’s time for negotiations. From final sale price to inclusions in the sale, negotiations take time and expertise. Ensure you have an expert negotiator on your team to receive a fair price and and successfully close a deal.

The length of the entire sales process can vary greatly from one business to another. Some deals can close within months, while others take years. To help close a deal more quickly and for a better price, consider working with VR Business Brokers of Charlotte. With VR on your side, you can focus on the day-to-day operations of your business while we handle everything from listing your business for sale to finding and buyer and closing a deal.

Contact VR Business Brokers today to begin preparing your business for sale in Hickory, NC or the greater Charlotte, NC area.

Let our experienced brokers help you sell a business in Hickory, NC and beyond!

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