Buying a Franchise

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Buying a franchise in Charlotte or in the Southeastern United States presents a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs. Not only do franchisees benefit from the proven business model and reputation of a national franchise, but they also enjoy the established training, support, and marketing programs provided by franchisors.

If you’re ready to explore franchising opportunities in your area, contact the professionals at VR Business Brokers of Charlotte. We help entrepreneurs find their ideal franchise based on their skill sets, interests and budgets.

Steps to Buying a Franchise in Charlotte

At VR Business Brokers of Charlotte, we follow a three step matching process to help entrepreneurs like you find their ideal franchise opportunities. Whether you’re interested in buying a fast food franchise, tech franchise, or even a fitness franchise, VR Charlotte’s franchising professionals are here to help!

1. Compile Pertinent Information

During the franchise buying process, VR Charlotte first meets with you to discuss goals, funding, experience and interests.

2. Research & Discuss Potential Franchises

Next, VR Business Brokers will begin searching for franchise opportunities that match your goals and skill set, as well as your budget.

Once we’ve gathered information on opportunities that fit your criteria, we present the options to you. At this point in time, we will revisit your goals and determine which business model most closely aligns with them.

3. Speak With Franchisor OR a Franchisee Who Is Selling

After you’ve selected several opportunities from step two that interest you, VR Charlotte will arrange a meeting with the franchisor. During this meeting you’ll hear about everything from day-to-day operations to financing and more.

If there is an opportunity to buy an existing franchise location in your area, VR Charlotte can arrange a meeting between you and the franchisee. Many entrepreneurs jump at the opportunity to buy an existing franchise location because of the:

  • Trained employees;
  • Existing vendors and customers;
  • Pre-selected location;
  • Site build-out fees are taken care;
  • And proven business success.

NOTE: In addition to working out the terms of the sale with the franchisee, you will also need to work out an agreement with the franchisor prior to signing on the dotted line.

If you’re ready to begin your journey towards buying a franchise in Charlotte or the Southeastern United States, contact VR Business Brokers of Charlotte.

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