Buyers and sellers in the Charlotte area and the Southeastern United States love working with VR Business Brokers. See what a few of our most recent clients are saying about their experiences with our team.

I am totally thrilled with the outcome of this sale! Thanks to Adam Petricoff at VR Mergers & Acquisitions for all his hard work on getting this deal completed. I have tremendous respect for Adam’s kindness, professionalism and intelligence. He got the job done despite the obstacles that came up along the way. I needed an experienced broker with wisdom and compassion who was willing to nudge me in the right direction. Adam was just the right person. Now I am ready to relax and retire after assisting Amie and Chris during the transition.

Helene Nathanson

Former Owner, Nathanson Adoption Services

We enjoyed working with Adam to help us sell our business. There were lots of requirements in selling a business that we had not been through before but Adam was a steady and calming influence to make sure all details were covered. We are happy to have worked with Adam and consider him a friend for life. If you are in the market to sell your business and need an excellent broker, we strongly encourage you talk to Adam Petricoff at VR Business Brokers.

Dianne & Lee Kehler

Former Owners, Remedics Restoration Carolinas

Adam was a great resource for me while I was buying Remedics. His ability to work through bumps along the way showed he was working toward getting a deal that worked for everybody. Even though Adam was always clear that he represented the seller, I knew I was getting great advice from Adam and that he cared about me being successful in this deal as well. Most importantly I trusted Adam during the process as I had never bought a business before. I strongly encourage you to talk with Adam if you are in the market to buy or sell a business. I know he can help you like he helped me.

Walter Bridgeman

New Owner, Remedics Restoration Carolinas

I am pleased to recommend and endorse, Adam Petricoff, to anyone looking to sell or a buy a small business. Adam sold my small business. I especially liked Adam’s straight forward approach to valuing and marketing my business. He was there every step of the way, from initial consultation, offer review and response, to closing the deal. He even patiently and sympathetically listened when I just needed to vent, as all sellers do. Anyway, again, if you are looking to sell or buy a small business I highly recommend Adam Petricoff.

Paul Hopmeier

Former Owner, Signs By Tomorrow

We knew we were ready to sell the business but we had never done this before, nor did we know what to expect, or how long it would take. This is why we hired Adam Petricoff, owner of VR Business Brokers. He guided us through the process and helped us deal with the negotiations and all the details to get the deal done. We were happy with the price we received for the business. We were very satisfied with Adam’s help and will certainly be recommending him to those that could use his expertise.

Amalia and Duane Tucker

Former Owners, Divine Consign, Inc.

I was ready to sell the business but wanted a trusted resource to assist us in the process. After consulting with my attorney Harrison Lord, he referred me to Adam Petricoff at VR Business Brokers. I am pleased at the level of interest and that we were able to reach a deal with Bill & Jessica Cochrane, the new owners.

Nick Sagnella

Former Owner, Intrinity Landscaping

Because my family is moving out of town, we made the tough decision to sell the gym. We are thrilled that we were able to sell the business within two months of when we listed the gym for sale.

Michael Salman

Former Owner, Olympus 365

We were ready to sell the business but wanted a trusted resource to assist us in the process as we had not done this before. Once Adam Petricoff of VR Mergers & Acquisitions got involved, we felt more comfortable as he managed the high level of interest in our business so we could focus on running the business.  I am pleased that we were able to reach a deal with another set of brothers, Jim and Jack Sutton. It wasn’t always an easy process, but Adam worked with Scott and I to make sure our needs were met and our concerns were always addressed. In addition, Matt Joyner, our attorney, was fantastic at making sure our interests were always protected and he was outstanding to work with on this deal.

Scott and Darren Martin

Former Owners, YM Plumbing & HVAC

We were ready to sell the business to pursue other business and personal interests, but wanted a reliable, trustworthy broker to walk us through the selling process. We hired Adam Petricoff of VR Mergers & Acquisitions and he guided us to make decisions in our best interest.  We were very pleased that Adam brought us together with Scott Donaldson, the new owner.

Bonnie and Tony Marcantel

Former Owners, Carolina Lighting Gallery

I was ready to sell the business and retire but wanted a trusted resource to assist us in the process. Once Adam Petricoff of VR Business Brokers got involved, I was very pleased with the level of professionalism and interest in the business.  I am pleased that we were able to reach a deal with Todd Koos, the new owner. He is the right person to continue to take care of our patients for many years to come.

Dave Zito

Former Owner, Matthews Physical Therapy

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