5 Errors to Avoid When Buying a Business in Charlotte, NC

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When you are buying a business, you must make sure to follow all of the correct steps and don’t rush through the process. While everyone likes to think they know what they are doing, it is easy to make mistakes without realizing their detriment on your transaction. To help you, we have provided a list of five errors to avoid when buying a business in Charlotte, NC, so that your business can flourish right off the bat.

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Business

We want your business venture to be as successful as possible, so let’s talk about some of the common mistakes we see that you should look out for. We’ve also included ways to make the purchasing process a little easier.

1. Not Completing Your Due Diligence

When getting into the nitty-gritty, you must complete your due diligence. If you fail to meet this step, it could cause undue harm in the future. The main items you want to focus on before following through with your purchase agreement are:

  • Ensuring the information presented to you is valid and shows the exact condition of the business you are acquiring
  • Knowing what the existing company owns, owes, and what is owed to the business
  • Being in the know of what licenses and permits are secured and which ones (if any) are needed

Have uncertainties? Unsure about a specific item? Don’t make any assumptions. As a business owner, you have to dot all your i’s and cross all your t’s to ensure you won’t come across any liabilities.

2. Paying for Potential

Sellers set their prices based on projected value, so as a business buyer, you need to ensure that you aren’t getting sucked into their projected business potential if the facts and figures aren’t there to back it up. Review how the industry is expected to trend and make sure that you understand all aspects of the company’s potential, so you feel comfortable agreeing to the purchase price. Is it likely to see significant growth in your industry in the future? In either case, make sure the data is there to support the asking price.

3. Ignoring the Company Culture and Image

Many new owners overlook the customer base and clients attached to the existing business and risk changing what drew in those individuals in the first place. It is imperative to the success of your new venture that you respect the values and image that the previous owners put forth if it is a draw for the audience. You should also consider the existing company culture as the current employees may be uneasy about change.

4. Assuming Cash Flow Will Cover Debt

You will go through a significant transition period immediately after the purchase, especially in a financial sense. Many new owners assume that their cash flow will immediately cover any assumed debt. However, you may run into some unexpected costs. Sales may not be as high as expected. Vendors may have loyalty to the seller and pull their business when ownership changes. Whether these changes or something else, there may be an impact on your cash flow in the beginning. For the success of your new business venture, it is best not to assume that your initial cash flow will start to cover your debt immediately and to plan accordingly. Otherwise, you may come across some heavy problems during the transition.

5. Not Consulting with a Professional

One of the most significant errors to avoid when buying a business is not getting advice from a professional. Business brokers are an excellent resource for you to take advantage of through the entire transaction. Brokers are trained professionals who will provide you with the experience and resources to ensure that your purchase is as successful as possible.

VRBB will include you in every step and be available for any questions. We want to help you and make sure your business succeeds.

When buying a business in North Carolina, you mustn’t rush the process and ensure that you aren’t making any mistakes that could harm the success of your new business. Learn more about buying a company with the help of one of our Charlotte, NC brokers today!

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