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When looking for a low-risk business opportunity that requires minimal business ownership experience, consider browsing car washes for sale in Charlotte, NC! Contact our skilled business brokers for assistance finding your dream car wash.

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If you’ve decided you want to be your own boss and are looking for low-risk opportunities in the Charlotte, NC area, consider purchasing an established car wash business. Rather than starting a car wash from scratch, buying an existing car wash minimizes risk and ensures you

Considerations When Looking at a Car Wash Business for Sale in North Carolina

When searching for car washes for sale, consider these key criteria to determine if you’re making a wise investment.

1. Analyze the Market

As of 2019, Charlotte, North Carolina, was the 17th largest city in the United States in terms of population. Typically, the larger the community, the more cars are on the roads, which makes for an ideal market for car washes.

2. Type of Car Wash

When analyzing car washes for sale in Charlotte, NC, consider the benefits of each type of car wash:

  • Automatic in-bay car washes
  • Self-service car washes
  • Hand wash service

While there is a market for all of these types of car washes, expenses vary significantly from one to the next. For example, if you opt for the hand wash and auto detailing service, consider the number of employees you’ll need to hire, as well as training and wages. For automatic and self-service car washes, equipment can be extremely pricey so consider whether or not equipment is included in the sale of the business.

3. Value of Car Wash

If you’ve found a car wash for sale in Charlotte, NC, that you think you’d like to invest in, be sure to ask how the business was valued before signing on the dotted line. It is typically best to have a business valued by a third-party valuation service to ensure the valuation is impartial and unbiased.

Ready to Buy a Car Wash?

For more information on selling or buying a car wash in Charlotte, NC, contact the business intermediaries at VR Business Brokers. Working with our team will minimize the stress and uncertainty associated with buying a car wash business.

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