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4 Key Considerations When Buying a Medical Spa in Charlotte, NC

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If you’re contemplating entering the medical spa industry, you’ve likely considered whether it makes sense to start from scratch or buy an existing business to build upon. While there are positives and drawbacks to both options, buying a medical spa in Charlotte, NC is often less risky than starting one on your own.

COVID-19’s Impact on Medical Spa Opportunities in Charlotte, NC

The success of the medical spa industry is often correlated to fluctuations in consumers’ disposable income. When consumers have more to spend, they’re more likely to frequent their favorite day spas or med spas for skin care, laser hair removal, botox, Coolsculpting, and other popular treatments. For some business owners, this correlation is seen as an opportunity to hit it big and capitalize on booming markets. Unfortunately, panic has set in for many business owners during the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the inability to social distance during most treatments, the industry has taken a hit in 2020.

Fortunately for interested buyers, this downturn has opened up many opportunities for fantastic deals on medical spa businesses in Charlotte, North Carolina and the surrounding areas. To learn more about medical spa businesses for sale in Charlotte, NC and begin your search for the ideal spa, contact VR Business Brokers of Charlotte.

4 Benefits of Buying a Medical Spa in Charlotte, NC vs. Starting Your Own

If you’ve decided that you want to own your own medical spa, consider buying an established medical spa rather than starting your own. There are some fantastic deals out there right now. Plus, there are many benefits to buying a medical spa in Charlotte, NC rather than developing one from scratch. Below are just a few benefits to consider.

1. Proven Concept

One of the most significant benefits of buying a successful med spa is that the existing owner has proven the concept works. If the business is already excelling in its current state, the risk is usually minimal compared to the risk associated with starting your own business from scratch.

2. Established Clientele

Another fantastic reason to buy an existing medical spa is that they have an established customer base. Rather than spending months, or even years, working to build up your book of business, you can hit the ground running serving repeat customers.

3. Real Estate, Equipment, and Other Assets

Oftentimes, you can negotiate the sale of medical spa equipment, supplies, and real estate in the sale of a med spa. Incorporating these assets in the sale of the business could save you tens of thousands of dollars, if not hundreds of thousands, compared to the cost of starting from scratch.

If the current med spa owner/operator is leasing the space and it’s in a great location, ask the property manager about transferring the lease. Transferring the lease will likely be much less expensive than paying for a new build-out, signage, and moving to a new location.

4. Trained Staff

Another great benefit of buying a medical spa in Charlotte, NC is the existing staff. Rather than going through the effort of hiring and training new estheticians, receptionists, aestheticians, medical directors, managers, and more, you have the opportunity to retain already-trained staff when you purchase an established business. Having an experienced team will allow you to hit the ground running and continue seeing regular patients immediately, as well as enjoy the liberty of taking time off or going on vacation.

To learn more about buying a medical spa in Charlotte, NC and determine if it’s the right opportunity for you, contact VR Business Brokers. We have helped numerous spa buyers and sellers close deals throughout the Carolinas, and we can help you too!


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